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The Wallace Collection at HCCT

The Wallace Collection attended the St Pancras Refugee Centre sessions last month and everyone got involved the exciting art project!

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Time to timebank

Kings Cross Timebankers have lots of opportunities to earn and spend time credits. Check out the photos to see the latest cooks, gardners, Indian Head Masseur and even belly dancers!

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The Women's Group at HCCT

The Women's Group meet every Tuesday from 2.30-4.30pm at HCCT. Check the Newsletter for the timetable of activities each month.

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Christmas Open Mic Night '10

Check out the great performances from the Christmas Open Mic Night!

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Halloween Open Mic Night October '10

Everyone had a ghoulish time at the Halloween Open Mic Night!!

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The Gardening Project

The gardening group meets at HCCT every Tuesday at 10am and Thursday at 1.30pm. Come along and join us!

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Women's Group

The women's group meets every Tuesday at The Holy Cross Centre from 2.30-4.30pm. Look at all the fun things we've been doing!

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HCCT Football Team

We have recently restarted the football group on Friday afternoons, meeting at 2.30pm at The Holy Cross Centre. We have managed to secure a brand new pitch at The Calthorpe Project.

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Wellbeing Event

For this year's World Mental Health Day on 10/10/10, HCCT had a Wellbeing event in the centre. A group of Timebankers planned the event at Your Space and helped out on the day.

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Open Mic Night July '10

Everyone had a great time at our last Open Mic Night! Check out the photos!

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Brian's First Timebanking Active Walk

Active Timebanker, Brian, led the first Timebank Active Walk to Bushy park in July. Everyone had a great day out and are looking forward to the next one!

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Kew Gardens June 2010

Timebankers from HCCT and Mind in Camden enjoyed a sunny day out at Kew Gardens for 5 time credits! Check out July's Newsletter for Bahiya's story.

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Refugee Week Event!

To celebrate Refugee Week last month, timebankers at HCCT had a party! Kusey and Jenny made some delicious food and we all enjoyed Jabbar's singing!

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Tanya's Leaving Party!

A few photos from Tanya's leaving party.

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Herne Bay

Timebankers from HCCT and MiC enjoyed a trip to Herne Bay for 8 Time Credits. See June's edition of HCCT's Newsletter for Helan's account of the day.

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Open Mic Night March 2010

A few photos from a night filled with singing and dancing!

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Hackney City Farm Trip!

Timebankers from HCCT and MiC enjoyed a chilly day out at Hackney City Farm!

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Capture Kings Cross!

Timebankers from HCCT and MiC enjoyed the Capture Kings Cross workshop that The British Library organised. Timebankers explored the local area with their camera and captured the changing city. Check the blog for updates on when the photos will be displayed at The German Gymnasium!

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Alex's Leaving Party!

A fine farewell to the original Timebank Coordinator!

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Somerset House Ice-Skating

Timebank members paid 2 time-credits each for tickets to ice-skating at Somerset House.

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Open Mic Night 6

Our Christmas Open Mic this year hosted over 200 guests, including the Mayor of Camden who presented certificates to those completing NVQ's and certificates with HCCT over the last year.

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Christmas Workshops

In the run up to Camden’s Christmas Party for timebankers across the borough on Saturday 5th December, each Camden timebank organised workshops to showcase the activities going on at their timebanks. We had 2 brilliant workshops run by timebank members: ‘Bollywood & Bhangra’ run by Pilar and a ‘Christmas-card making’ session run by Laura. Both were well-attended and lots of fun.

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DIY Training

This course was organised in partnership with 2 local timebanks and is running until November, giving timebank members the chance to learn valuable DIY skills.

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One-to-One Exchanges

Members exchange skills through the Timebank using their time credits. Skills and services have included Indian Head Massage, computer training and English Language lessons.

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Church Sitting

The Holy Cross Church pay timebankers to meet and greet visitors to the church every Friday when it is open to the public.

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Timebank members from Mind in Camden and HCCT enjoyed a lovely day out to Oxford exploring the parks and historic buildings of this beautiful city.

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Open Mic Night 5 from Open Mic Night 5!

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Darsham Camping Trip

Timebankers paid 20 time-credits each for a 3-day holiday to Darsham in Suffolk - we had great weather so got ourselves down to the beach regularly as well as doing some cycling, hiking, and a lot of relaxing! Thanks to Mike, Minnie, Grace and Jenny for taking these fantastic pictures.

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Broadstairs 2009

The 2nd timebank trip to Broadstairs was enjoyed by timebank members from HCCT & Mind in camden - they even got to see some morris dancing!

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Richmond Picnic

We teamed up with Richmond timebank and enjoyed a lovely day out in the Richmond park where we had a picnic and enjoyed a sunny stroll along the river. The day cost 3 time-credits per member.

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Timebank members used their credits to pay Broadgate Ice-rink in the heart of the city for a skating session over Christmas.

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Wind and rain didn't spoil a day out to Brighton which members paid time-credits for. We braved the weather on the pier and visited Brighton museum.

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This trip cost members 8 time-credits each.

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Open Mic Night 4

The 4th Open Mic Night on 17th April was a great success with over 200 people attending. We had members from the timebank as well as members of the local community enjoying the evening of food, music and dance.

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Kew Gardens

Timebank members paid 3 time-credits each for a trip to Kew Gardens where we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and a trip along the treetop walkway

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Open Mic Night 3

The third King's Cross Open Mic Night goes off with a bang. Fun was had by all!

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London Jazz Festival

Timebank members used their time-credits to go to 2 concerts at this year‚s London Jazz Festival. These photos were taken by member Shehab at a performance by legendary saxophonist Femi Kuti.

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Members earned credits by organising this party and paid 1 time-credit each for their tickets. We had a buffet dinner and karaoke featuring some belting numbers from Ross!

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Timebank member Alexei earned credits by taking these fantastic pictures of our trip to Southend on a beautiful October day.

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Visario's Worlds

Timebank member, Visar Hyseni, used his timecredits to pay Kakadu in Camden for space at their shop to run an exhibition of his art work. The exhibition ran from 6 August until 7 September.

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Open Mic Night 2

Members planned and ran the timebank‚s 2nd open mic night. Over 150 people attended and we had 25 performers including a Greek Rebetiko band, Bollywood dancers and some fantastic solo performances. Special mention should go to the fantastic food prepared by members Ahmed and Aujowand who are now spending their credits on computer tuition and concert tickets at the Wigmore Hall.

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BBC Proms

These great photos were taken by a member who enjoyed this trip to the Royal Albert Hall for the World Music Awards as part of the BBC Proms concert series. Timebank members at Mind in Camden and the Holy Cross Centre paid 3 time-credits each for a ticket.

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Open Mic Night 1

The first King's Cross Open Mic Night run and planned by Time bank members.

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Broadstairs 2008

Timebank members paid 8 time-credits each for a trip to Kent. In true British style, we defied the weather to have a jolly good time!

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Games Night

Time bank members organised a games night and earned credits for their time - Aziz picked up the table-tennis prize while Vincent snared the pool trophy.

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