Our model

How does Timebanking work?

  • Individuals and organizations earn time-credits for every hour given helping others. 1 hour = 1 credit.
  • Time-credits can be spent on a range of opportunities from other members of the time bank.
  • Everyone’s time is valued equally whatever is being offered.
  • Everyone gives and takes
  • Timebanking is based on the idea that everyone has something to offer and everyone can benefit from others.

The HCCT Model

At HCCT we are using timebanking in a number of ways. Our timebank is made up people accessing our services as well as our volunteers and staff, local community members and local organisations. These members have brought a diverse range of skills and resources to the timebank.

Here are some of the ways that our members earn and spend time-credits:


Our members exchange skills and services between each other using time-credits. These skills have ranged from computer help to massage to landscape gardening! These exchanges have helped to build trust and create new relationships within the community as well as allowing people to get practical help with things such as proof-reading, form-filling, shopping and learning new skills like effective budgeting, salsa dancing and sewing.

The idea of ‚give and take‚ is key ‚ members benefit not only through what they receive but also through the process of giving their time to others which can improve employability where, for example, members gain experience of teaching a skill. There are also social benefits ‚ members interact with people from across the community that they might not normally come into contact with. Finally, there is a positive impact on the self-esteem and confidence of members whose skills and time is valued and rewarded.



Many of our members earn and spend their time-credits with HCCT. People contribute to the services here by, for example, running film nights and a women‚s group, writing a newsletter and running a regular ‚open mic night‚. Members can spend credits on a range of trips, events, activities and training with HCCT.

By involving people in our service in this way and valuing their interests, time and skills, our members have achieved notable improvements in mental health. Furthermore, a more effective service which draws on all of the creativity and energy has emerged, enabling us to move away from a more traditional service where only the time and skills of professionals is valued. With our model, our timebankers have shown that they have a vital role to play in improving the health of each-other and the community.



We have a number of local organisations participating in our timebank including the Camden Active Health Team, Upbeat, the Wigmore Hall and the One KX Community Centre. Organisations offer ways for timebank members to spend their credits such as concert tickets, exercise classes and time in a recording studio. These organisations are able to offer rewards like these by identifying areas where they have spare capacity. Benefits include improved community engagement with new people accessing services, publicity and raised profile.

Furthermore, organisations use the time-credits they earn to purchase the time of timebank members who can help with things like office work, leafleting and organising events. This in turn allows timebank members to become more integrated within the local community, meet new people and gain useful work experience.

The timebank also allows organisations make exchanges between eachother. By sharing things the use of a computer suite, training or advice, timebanking develops networks and can help organisations to meet their needs and aspirations without spending money.


To get involved or for any timebank enquiries feel free to contact us.

Phone – 0207 278 8687

Email – contactus@hcct.org.uk

Download a Timebank Registration Form [PDF / 1.17 MB]