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You can offer anything you like! Here’s just a few examples of ways to earn time-credits: Cooking, gardening, running a workshop, teaching a language or musical instrument, befriending, DIY, help filling our forms, computer help…

If you’re an organisation, you can earn time-credits by giving, for example, the use of space or facilities, providing training opportunities or catering.

Simon earns timebank credits by providing computer tuition

Simon earns timebank credits by providing computer tuition

Maybe you‚re a community centre with spare capacity or a cinema that can offer tickets…the list really is endless!

By giving your time, you not only earn time-credits which give you access to the resources of the community, you could also be getting work experience, meeting new people, helping others and having your skills and time valued.

What can you get back?

Timebanking is all about giving and taking ‚ your time is valued and rewarded.

You can spend your time-credits from the range of services offered by timebank members‚ from help around the house, an Indian head massage or a place on an exercise course to vocational training.

Warren spends a timecredit on a relaxing head massage

Warren spends a timecredit on a relaxing head massage

Timebanking can meet a range of aspirations. For example:


  • Practical support and help through one-to-one exchanges.
  • Learning new skills and developing existing abilities.
  • Having fun and meeting new people.
  • Building organisational capacity.

As an organization, you’ll be able to spend your credits on a diverse range of skills and resources: it might be that you’d like use of the facilities of another organisational member, you might be interested in sharing knowledge or training‚ maybe you’d like a timebank member to help out at an office.

There are also potential benefits in terms of publicity. Timebanking is currently attracting considerable interest from local and national press. By getting involved in this innovative social project, you‚ll be able to publicise your services in the local area and demonstrate that you‚re active community members.

To get involved or for any timebank enquiries feel free to contact us.

Phone – 0207 278 8687
Email –

Download a Timebank Registration Form [PDF / 186.36 kB]