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Timebanking founder Edgar CahnDr. Edgar S. Cahn is the founder of  Timebanking and the creator of the Co-Production principle. Kind, sincere and compassionate, Edgar has dedicated his life to achieving social justice for the disenfranchised.

Eloquent, passionate and with a spontaneous sense of humour, Edgar is reknowned for inspiring audiences with a powerful vision of a compassionate and fair society.

Letters from America

We are very grateful to Edgar, he agreed to write a letter for us each month during 2010. The letters contain his thoughts and views on Co-Production, Timebanking, the function of society today and how we might affect positive change.

Please take a read and feel free to leave a comment.

More about Edgar Cahn

A graduate of the Yale law school, Edgar entered the legal profession determined to use the law to achieve social justice. He started his career in government as special counsel and speechwriter for Attorney General Robert Kennedy under President John Kennedy.

As part of his role,  Edgar worked to spearhead the first national campaign against hunger and malnutrition in the US, and in doing so, led change in legislation enforcing shipments of food to severely malnourished communities on Indian reservations and in the southern United States.

In 1963, Edgar’s life and work seeking social justice first became known at a larger scale when the article he co-authored with his late wife, Jean Camper Cahn, titled “The War on Poverty: A Civilian Perspective” was published in the Yale Law Journal and became the blueprint for the National Legal Services program.

In 1972, Edgar and his late wife created and founded the Antioch School of Law, which established a tradition of emphasizing social justice as a critical role for the law. As law-school deans, Edgar and Jean were the first pioneers of clinical legal education in the US, an approach which is now to be found in law schools throughout the nation.

In 1980 after a massive heart attack that nearly claimed his life, Cahn stepped outside of the law to create yet another social invention, a local, tax-exempt currency called Time Dollars, which are designed to validate and reward the work of the disenfranchised in rebuilding their communities and fighting for social justice.

As the president and founder of the Time Dollar USA, Cahn’s experience with Time Dollars led him in 1995 to develop a radical new framework for social welfare and social justice that turns recipients of service into co-producers of change. He called this new approach “Co-Production.”

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