The King’s Cross Timebank allows individuals and organisations across the borough of Camden to share and exchange their time, skills and resources.

Members enjoy the King's Cross Timebank Open Mic night

Members enjoy the King's Cross Timebank Open Mic night

A timebank uses time as currency: every hour of time given providing a service for someone in the community is credited and can then be spent getting help in return.

We see timebanking as an adaptable tool which can help to create an effective, co-produced service which treats clients and staff as assets. We also believe that timebanking is a great way of developing networks, sharing resources and building trust within the community.
Timebanking allows us all to play a part in improving the well-being of each-other and of the community.

The Timebank is hosted by HCCT but thrives through partnership.

To get involved or for any timebank enquiries feel free to contact us.

Phone – 0207 278 8687
Email – contactus@hcct.org.uk

Download a Timebank Registration Form [PDF / 186.36 kB]