St Pancras Refugee Centre

Drop-in Sessions:

  • Wednesday 12pm-3pm
  • Friday 12pm-3pm


SPaRC is based in King’s Cross but outreaches to many other parts of the surrounding areas. It helps refugees to survive, build new lives and integrate into the broader community.

Contrary to some current myths, life is often desperately hard for asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom are without housing, income or healthcare until assisted to access them.

Many have no knowledge of the UK when they arrive, what support and care they are entitled to or how to find it. These difficulties are often compounded by lack of English, cultural differences and the emotional problems relating to their traumatic experiences at home and adjusting to life in the UK.

SPaRC makes contact with asylum seekers and refugees through word of mouth and through referrals from other agencies. We offer a wide variety of assistance. This includes:

  • A specialist whom can help with advice and advocacy, providing a comprehensive casework service in areas of welfare rights, housing, community care, asylum support and immigration.When unable to assist we refer individuals to the appropriate professional service.
  • Drop-in sessions twice a week where people can access a hot meal, advice and social support. Many people experience isolation and/or destitution and these sessions provide a therapeutic space where people feel free to be themselves and bring practical or emotional issues to the staff;

ESOL and sewing classes provided by local colleges;

We also work in partnership with many other services who provide asylum seekers and refugees with other types of specialist help such as education, training, employment and health care providers.

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