Our mission

At HCCT we work with people who are socially excluded in a variety of ways both in Camden and Islington.

By developing and maintaining a strong network of partners we look for opportunities to help those who use our services to integrate into the life of local communities, and have the chance to become more fulfilled.

We also seek to understand more about why people become vulnerable in these ways so that we can improve our services, and also so we can advocate for their interests and contribute to a definition of best practice.

All our services counteract the effects of stigma, isolation and poverty, offering people respect and the opportunity to be treated as an individual.

We try to respond to the needs that our users themselves find most pressing.

…a bit about our history

HCCT was established in December 1988 to the rapidly growing number of homeless people in the King’s Cross area of London. We are

now an independent, secular organisation and have grown to work alongside over 1400 individuals a year.

Our primary work involves supporting mental health recovery and promoting the active participation of the homeless and refugees and asylum seekers within the wider community.

Over the past year, the Trust has begun an exciting period of growth and change. A key driver of this development is our co-productive model of service delivery. This model focuses on eliminating the labels and hierarchies that have plagued the third sector, and it reasserts the basic need we all have to both give and take.

We recognise that the skills, knowledge, and experience our service users, volunteers, and staff possess are assets that should not be wasted. Service users, volunteers and staff all come here to learn, to explore, and ultimately to shape the profile of our projects.

The history and philosophy of HCCT is community action and a “can do” approach.